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Your car has 'morning start' hiccups? Have a problem that needs immediate attention? Badly need a complete check-up? Call the specialists - MYTHRI.

Nearly 5 years ago, 4 colleagues and friends - Padmanabha, Sunil, Babu and Ashok - broke-away from the Maruthi Service Centre they worked with, to start MYTHRI AUTOMOBILES. Initially, they started out off a small shed in 5th block and later moved to larger premises in Ejjipura. On 5th December they opened another branch in the Seva Sadan complex in 3rd block, Koramangala.

The first thing you'll notice when you drive in to their workshop is the soft-spoken nature of all four. There's no swagger in their attitude, nothing flashy to the outfit; just the simplicity in the way they go about their work.

And their work is good; very good. Their experience shows. They deliver as promised and that's so very refreshing considering how people value your time, in Bangalore.

Both workshops are well-equipped and well-staffed with experienced mechanics to handle the most intricate of jobs. They offer a host of services like consulting, servicing, tinkering, painting, washing, insurance and specialized repairs.

Interestingly, they undertake work for all types of cars - Maruthi, Santro, Indica, Qualis and what have you.

With two workshops now, MYTHRI can now handle more cars than before. This means that unless the work involves some major restructuring of the vehicle, you can be rest assured of having your car ready for delivery by the evening.

Mythri Automobiles
No: 47, Ejipura Main Road,
Bangalore 560047.

Phone : 9448689805 / 080-25703999

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