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Making of the MindTree

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Tea at a roadside stallOn the morning of December 31st , we pulled out our cars from the Park Hotel, taking with us some of the most beautiful memories we will ever have and headed for Hyderabad. At Hyderabad, JRK Rao, an officer of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) who was the Executive Director of Andhra Pradesh Infrastructure Development Corporation was willing to listen to our plans and see how his state could help. The drive to Hyderabad was a torture. Often, we were stuck for hours in serpentine traffic on the national highway. It was a grim reminder of how infrastructure poor, countries like India continue to be. We suffered in silence as the heat, dust, flies and fatigue continued. As software industry professionals, we often become comfortably cocooned in an unreal world where most things work, most of the time. It was close to midnight when we reached Hyderabad. Next morning, Mr. JRK Rao met us. After listening to the first ever presentation we made to anyone, he immediately agreed to help. Insisting that we make Andhra Pradesh the home for our company, he pledged all government assistance. Later, we debated the pros and cons and finally settled that we will bootstrap the organization from Bangalore. But as long as we live, we will remember Mr. Rao and his encouragement. Greatness lies, not in backing the known, the capable and the established. It takes greatness to extend support to an unborn dream. The meeting with Mr. Rao gave us a lot of self-confidence. We had a team, a story, a few spreadsheets, a government willing to back us. Now, we said to ourselves, we are ready to talk about Venture Funding.

The road to Bangalore was beautiful. Miles of well cared national highway that traversed mountains and rivers and sunflower fields seemed to be joyously cheering us on. Occasionally we stopped at a tea stall or a railroad crossing to listen to our own heartbeat.

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