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Making of the MindTree

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Like the Mission Statement, our Vision is deliberately simple. We want these to be clear, measurable and easy to remember. Each one has a set of reasoning behind it and collectively, they are linked to each other to form the foundation for our enterprise. First of all, let us take the statement capturing the top line. Subsequent refinements have actually made us upward revise our top-line ambition to $123 Million and that is how the Vision Statement reads now. We thought, at a lower run rate, we would not have critical mass to be a world class company. At a size less than that, the company will not be interesting to investors and employees. Did we know clearly as to how we could achieve that number? Of course, not. Given our collective capability, we could clearly see ourselves achieving somewhere around only $65 Million. The rest, we said, we need not predict. By keeping that part open, we clearly kept the room for unusual opportunities that cannot be "boxed" with the ignorance of the future and the benefit of the past knowledge. These could stem from technological convergence and discontinuities; these could come as a result of diversification we can not exactly fathom today, or unusual merger or acquisition opportunities that may present themselves. In setting sail for the unknown, it was in order to budget for some providence and we were comfortable with that.

Our second Vision reflected our need to build an enterprise that would truly have an international look and feel. To be truly international we needed to develop software code internationally. It also reflected a model by which we may grow our competencies wherever it makes best sense but we will also keep the kitchen close to the dining table of our customers.

Our third Vision seeks to create substantial shared wealth for our people. We do not believe that the future belongs to a business model that perpetuates a "winner takes all" mind set. We will consider ourselves very fortunate if we can make substantial, irreversible difference in the lives of ordinary people. History tells us that it is always the ordinary people, who given a cause and the wherewithal, deliver extra-ordinary impact on a sustainable scale.

Our fourth Vision bound us all on an emotional chord that was very central to the motivation to create wealth. We see ourselves as a knowledge company. As a result, we want to support knowledge where its making is most fragile. We want to put aside a significant portion of our profits every year to support government sector's primary schools in the societies that we work in.

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