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  Chandra Kumar and Rajan Narayan, Linc Software Meeting Point (1999)  

Chandra Kumar and Rajan NarayanThe string of similarities never seemed to end. They were both born in Poona. In the same year - 1958, 18 days apart and 15 kilometers away. They joined the same school, the same year and in the same class at Gill Nagar Central School, Madras. They lived in the same locality in Ashoknagar. Within the radius of a kilometre. Passed out of high school the same year. Both studied Electronics and Communications. From different colleges, though. Yet, every 6 months they would join together to do combined studies. Finally, in 1979 they completed their engineering and it was time to step into a career. Time to part ways. The party was over. Or so one would have thought.

But that wasn't the case. For Chandra Kumar and Rajan Narayan the party had just begun. Their friendship and association of all these years was to take them much further. Chandra Kumar - CK to his close friends - joined AVT as Hardware engineer, in September 1979. Three weeks later, Rajan jumped on to the bandwagon. They came into contact with David Samuel, who also joined as a hardware engineer.

Chandra KumarThose were the days - in the late 70's, when IBM had just left the country. Leaving behind their mainframe computers - the 360 and 1401, primarily used by companies for data processing. Those were also the days when the PCs couldn't be imported into the country without an import license, apart from being exorbitantly expensive. Hence, these mainframes turned out to be major revenue earners for AVT. And for CK and Rajan, as maintenance engineers - on call almost 24 hours a day - the exposure was invaluable.

In 1982, CK left AVT to join Hinditron Computers at Bangalore. In 1983, AVT split into 2 companies and one of them was called Advent Computers. Once again, CK and Rajan worked together between 85 and 88. Whilst Rajan spent a year in UK, CK was in Australia with IBM for 2 years. Eventually, it was time to call it a day. CK had been toying with the idea of starting out on his own for quite sometime. And who else but his buddy of school days could he think of to share his thoughts? Both quit and along with David Samuel, the troika started Linc Software Services Pvt. Ltd and set up shop on Cunningham Road.

Rajan NarayanLinc Software is today, in Koramangala. Occupying pride of place in three locations. One is their new corporate office and another is their software development centre, both in 5th block. And the third, which was their first office when they moved here in 1993, is now their training centre. CK is the Managing Director and Rajan, the Technical Director, who call the shots from their 3-floor corporate office. David Samuel is based in the US as resident director, taking care of operations in that part of the world. Just recently, Linc has opened a full-fledged office in Slough - near London - to develop business in the UK.

Linc Software exemplifies the saying; "from small acorns grow big oaks". Both CK and Rajan came from average middle-class families. To hustle together the 2 lakhs of rupees they required to invest must have been quite a task in itself. But today, Linc is still growing. What with operations in many countries. And a good reputation to back it.

What makes them click? Faith in themselves, their friendship, mutual trust and a common goal. To forge ahead. And what better place to formulate plans than in the calm surroundings of Koramangala? Where technological wonders never cease?

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