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Sunil NambiarSoothsayers and astrologers, science-fiction writers and crystal ball gazers, and of course, Nostradamus; all made predictions of what the future holds; what the world will be hundreds of years from now. 'Gut-feel' is something different; more a gamble. 'To do it or not to do it' is the call. Are you in for the gamble? Believe it or not, it's quite different from a shot in the dark. That's 'gut-feel'.

Eighteen years back, Sunil Nambiar's gut-feel drew him into IT. He joined Escorts as a management trainee and soon they offered him a shift to their IT department. "It was something unheard of at that time," he says. Why did he then accept? "He cites 2 reasons. "One is that Escorts was one of the few companies that had an IBM Mainframe. They would get lot of work from outside. For instance, we used to process the results of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India; we used to process the payroll of for Delhi Transport Corporation and so on." The environment already existed and his gut-feel said, 'Go!' The move paid off. He got an opportunity to work for the Government of Hong Kong with a group called the ITSD, which was a centralized IT group for the entire HK government. "I accepted this assignment as System Analyst since I saw a few challenges here," adds Sunil.

Back home after his Hong Kong stint, he happened to attend a NASSCOM meet in Delhi and bumped into a few buddies who were at IBM in Bangalore. He let the word around that he was interested in moving to Bangalore. In 1993, he moved to IBM and has been in Bangalore since.

His initial contact with Syntax was actually in the role of a consultant, when he and his colleague offered their services on the Banking & Finance side. But, 6 months down the line both were absorbed into Syntax. As VP –Technical, Sunil is part of the think-tank that's setting into place a Senior and Middle management tier, to ramp up the service teams. "By next year this will be in place to carry the baton forward," says Sunil. At 40 plus, Sunil is pretty senior and he has had no problem adjusting to the younger generation, though it's grossly unfair to typify him as the 'older generation'. He explains how rapport is created. "One of the important aspects of the Software industry is that no matter who, or where, one has to work as a team. I've worked with people fresh out of college and we understand each other well. At our level, we are involved with the team to ensure they are in the right direction as far as delivery is concerned. We all must understand the issues involved – the customer's expectations, communication, delivery, and so on. Ultimately, the objective is to meet the customer's requirement." That apparently, is well understood.

Sunil's growing up had been in Delhi, though he hails from Kerala. Having spent over 20 years in the national capital, he once used to like Delhi. But off-late, its become highly polluted and cramped. "Bangalore was a welcome change and a promising destination," he says. But that was ten years ago; the Bangalore grass looked green viewed from Delhi and wasn't bursting at the seams as it is today. "Still, a better option than many other cities," says Sunil, who in fact believes that if ever there is a city that can come close to being Singapore, Bangalore it is.

When he was in Hong Kong, the transport system was so well-managed that there wasn't any need to own a car. The local populace used trains, buses to commute to work; economical and less of pollution as well.

One day, Bangalore too will be similar. One day. Till such time, 'Auto rickshaw Zindabad'

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