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Riad MahmoodWhen Riad Mahmood walked out of St. Joseph's College with a Commerce degree in tow and followed that up with a one-year management diploma, 'What Next?' was written all over him. Further study was ruled out and the boring bank job was a 'no-no'. Deep within him raged a fire. He was quite convinced he needed something exciting, something challenging. He spent a few years in the family business of footwear manufacturing, but that didn't illuminate enough. Later, he'd often spend time at Head Start basically 'helping out Mom here, there and with accounts'. That set him thinking.

He'd seen Head Start grow from almost nothing to something and that's when the idea struck. "This place had the potential to grow," says Riad as he looks back to the day he took the decision to plunge full-time into Head Start. "Mom never held me back. In fact she gave me the freedom to do what I wanted," he adds. Just the motivation he needed to rekindle the fire and pursue the opportunities that lay ahead.

Head Start Montessori"Let's grow" stuck in his mind. "We wanted to be more professional so we started to make changes, organized workshops for the teachers, had more parent-school interaction, orientation programs with audio-visuals," explains Riad. He kept himself away completely from the day-to-day classroom routines, which was Mom and her team's domain, but he strongly believed that if Head Start had to grow it must be administered well. He wasn't tinkering around, making cosmetic changes as if it were a summer job. These were all part of a much bigger plan he had drawn up.

Almost as he were saying, 'Damsels in distress; fear not! The Knight in Shining Armor has just arrived.' There was no mistaking his style.

Contact Us:
Head Start Montessori School
CA Site No.32 (P), 16th Main, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore 560 034.
Phone: 25537025, 25533540
Email: headstart@vsnl.com

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