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Getting better all the time

I finally quit my job in December 2000 and went full time with Koramangala.com. Our business was growing. The fact we were now "Two Heads, Better Than One" enabled us to strengthen our services. Our revenues come from online shopping, travel and the various services we offer. Compared to earlier years we have less constraints and though our pockets aren't still very deep, things are reasonably better. We overcame many obstacles, faced many tricky situations but never did we buckle under pressure nor did we exchange loyalty for anything.

There was a time when we were approached by many 'angel investors' prepared to invest seed capital in our website. There was this software company headed by a Marwari businessman who offered us a pile of money for a certain percentage of stake if we were to form a private limited company. He even offered us office space with all facilities. "Move in here and we'll maintain your website," he had said. In effect what he meant was "Bid goodbye to Rage Communications.

Mona and I were stunned. We started out with Rage, they stood by us through difficult times, nursed us and if today we are where we are it's because of them. I hate Indy-Pop music. Each time I hear it it's as irritating as a caterpillar walking up one's spine. But at that point of time, Daler Mehndi's "Nah, Nah, Nah, Na Ray, Na Ray" rubbish came to mind. Mona and my thoughts were in sync. "No way would we ask Rage to disassociate with Koramangala.com". As much as we would expect loyalty from our customers, similarly, we'd remain loyal to those who have supported us.

That's the Koramangala.com mantra.

The untold story
An evening in October '98
Got any big bucks?
Takes two to tango...
Full steam ahead
The countdown begins
The press go ga-ga
Last train to Chennai
A star is born!
The branding...
Three years after
Getting better all the time
More branding...

Full time for koramangala.com!

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