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A star is born!

Next evening I was back in Bangalore. Throughout the 6-hour train journey from Chennai to Bangalore I stared out into the darkness of the night. All I could seen were visions of the website unfolding before me. Mona and Roshan were eagerly awaiting my return and on seeing them I could sense their excitement. It was Christmas Eve and Deepak was at the hotel doing the night shift. He'd have to wait till the next day to witness this work of art. I went straight to the computer and slipped the floppy in its drive. The Koramangala.com Home Page zoomed in onto the screen and their expressions said it all. I worked all of Christmas Day on my presentation I had planned for the launch. I had penned my thoughts days earlier but after seeing the website, I had to redo much of it. That apart, we still had many loose ends to tie up before the big day.

On D-Day I awoke unusually early. I'm not the early-morning-walk type since I get enough exercise otherwise. The "Engagement" columns of some newspapers carried the announcement that our site would be launched this evening at The Koramangala Club. Not that I needed that as a reminder but the feeling was good.

After lunch, we went across to the Club to supervise the seating pattern. The basement Hall at the Club had a disadvantage. Supporting pillars blocked the view of the screen and chairs had to be arranged in a semi-circular fashion to ensure each guest would get a clear view. The projector too was set and I previewed the floppy which had the website just to ensure everything was in order. The last thing I wanted was any sort of goof-up. Our mood was a combination of anticipation and anxiety. After some minor adjustments and fine-tuning, we went home to freshen up and change to return again at 7.00 pm.

The guests started to trickle in from 7.30 onwards, some greeted us with flowers and others with words of encouragement. Majority of them had never seen a website. Only heard and read about it in the media. So, here they were about to witness something new. Since we hardly knew any from the IT industry, our guest list comprised mainly friends and some members of the Press who were eager to file the story for the next morning edition.

Our Chief Guest was Mr. N. Vishwanathan, an IAS Officer and a key person in the State Government. He arrived a bit late because he got stuck in a traffic jam. By the time he did, the hall was packed with about 150 people present. So, without further loss of time, I made an introductory speech and invited Mr. Vishwanathan to "Click" open the website.

And there it was - Koramangala.com. A Star was bornů

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A star is born!
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