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The press go ga-ga

Any attempt to check with JRK and Geeta on what's happening got "Do Not Disturb" responses. I was curious but the reply from Rage was firm, "Stay away till 22nd December." Not even a sneak preview was allowed.

Meanwhile, we did the rounds of newspaper offices, handing out press releases and hoping that our initiative would excite them. Apparently it did. Each day newspapers carried stories on launch of this website and that website and suddenly, here's a Sardar family, non-techies to the core having the gumption to put up a website on the locality they lived in. I think the press played a crucial role in attracting the attention of Bangaloreans to Koramangala.com. Almost all newspapers carried long articles and the coverage was pretty widespread. Most people whom we knew had read about it in some newspaper or the other. In many ways, Koramangala.com was already popular even before it was launched. We became conscious of the fact that the expectations would be high and in the years to come we'd really have to live up to far-reaching standards.

Some people laughed at us. I remember vividly a Parsi gentleman who ran multiple businesses in Koramangala sniggering at us when we approached him to put up a poster announcing the launch of Koramangala.com. He found the whole idea very funny. Mona was livid with rage and to some extent, so was I. But we took it in our stride, though we didn't put up the poster in his shop. We hear that the gentleman has since shut shop. In fact, all his businesses have wound up. Sad. Isn't it?

Besides the Press, we received support and words of encouragement from the IT community, which I must say, were extremely motivating. I was a bit apprehensive at first. I recall telling Mona that we were nobodies, tiny players in this global phenomenon called the Internet that is sweeping across. We were just an ordinary middle-class family, operating from our modest home, scrapping the bottom of the barrel to get this show on the road. Others worked out of fancy offices, high-salaried staff and all that tech-talk. Why would anybody listen to us? Surprisingly, it didn't turn out to be so. When we approached Pradeep Kar, Chief of Microland for an interview as out first IT Personality, he willingly obliged.

I felt a long sigh of relief escape me.

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