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The countdown begins

New ideas kept cropping up even though we had frozen on the site structure. Some just couldn't be ignored. Koramangala.com needed to have constant flow of traffic and one way of ensuring this was to have on-site activity. We decided to have a yellow pages type of business directory of Koramangala. "Business Links" was the name Rage chose and we liked it. Now came the tough part. With just three weeks to go we had tons of data to collect. Every shop, establishment, restaurant, eating place, whatever, had to find place in these pages. It was an arduous task. But we did it and rushed it across to Rage. Over 750 establishments, categorized business-wise, alphabetically arranged were available on Koramangala.com at the time of launch. We also decided to have information on "Rentals and Real Estate", "Buy and Sell", "Job Watch" and "Post It" - a message board - on the website.

Mona and Roshan bent backwards those few weeks and Deepak chipped in his bit, sacrificing his "off-days" from the Hotel. My job required me to travel, which I couldn't avoid. Therefore, I had to stretch myself to maximum with every bit of free time I could muster. Mona's kitchen routine went haywire. So many times we skipped breakfast, sometimes lunch because there was just no time to cook. And even if we did find time to eat, food was invariably ordered for home delivery or we just ate out.

The only lucky members of the family to get daily cooked food were Poksy and Bruno - our two pet dogs.

The untold story
An evening in October '98
Got any big bucks?
Takes two to tango...
Full steam ahead
The countdown begins
The press go ga-ga
Last train to Chennai
A star is born!
The branding...
Three years after
Getting better all the time
More branding...

Mona and Roshan take a breather!

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