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Takes two to tango

I made several trips to Chennai, mostly on weekends and at times accompanied by Mona. We had to decide on what would go into the site and various other issues. Endless hours of discussions over gallons of tea, coffee and other liquids - not to mention the numerous packs of cigarettes we smoked - the site structure was arrived at, even though it was still at skeleton stage.

Mona and I lived in Koramangala. We knew our locality and therefore most competent to decide on site content. And Rage knew their onions so far as the Internet was concerned. Besides being designers, they had impeccable marketing backgrounds, which would later help a lot in the branding of Koramangala.com. Right from those days a clear line was drawn. Content was ours. We'd never interfere with Rage on the design.

Meanwhile, the domain name of www.koramangala.com was registered and we were all set. We now had to decide when to launch the site. I suggested 25th December - Christmas Day. And so it was agreed. There was just about a month left and we were yet to start working on the content. There wasn't much time.

In his inimitable style JRK told me, "Abhey Sardar! Now get lost. Don't come back here for the next three weeks if you want the site up by Christmas." That's JRK - never short of kind words.

The untold story
An evening in October '98
Got any big bucks?
Takes two to tango...
Full steam ahead
The countdown begins
The press go ga-ga
Last train to Chennai
A star is born!
The branding...
Three years after
Getting better all the time
More branding...


Working against the clock!

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