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Got any big bucks

I wondered. In my case, money has always been in perpetual short supply. No pretensions to it, just hard fact. But then, good websites mean Big Bucks. And Rage Communications were in the business of designing the best. "It's going to cost you money, pal," JRK and Geeta told me. I remember telling them, "I'm a salaried man and this is about how much I can afford." Translated, it read "Peanuts". However, I did have a tiny bit saved which I offered towards site hosting and domain name registration. I also committed a certain sum towards the site design and promised to set aside a small amount each month from the salary I was paid by the packaging company I worked for, towards site maintenance. Both, JRK and Geeta agreed and the deal made. "And where in the world will the rest come from?" asked Mona. I smiled. "You are now a co-founder of Koramangala.com. Go for the ads," I replied. That gave her something to chew upon.

Those were the times before the floodgates of Venture Capitalists (VCs) had opened. In any case, our venture was meant to be a low-profile set-up. Just a means for Mona to make some extra money besides selling UNICEF greeting cards, which she had been doing for over 15 years now. As for myself, I had a job and could only support her efforts by writing for the site and taking pictures in my free time. Our older son Deepak, worked in the hotel industry and Roshan, the younger fellow was still in College. Therefore, I had a family to support and venturing full-time into Koramangala.com was unthinkable.

My idea was that Mona would run the show and I'd help her out whenever I could. At that point of time I put across a question to myself "Hey! Balbir, what happens if this thing falls flat on its face?" I thought of that good old nursery rhyme we've all learnt in school. About Humpty-Dumpty sitting on the wall and Humpty-Dumpty having a great fall. On a more serious note, I said to myself, "I'll cross the bridge when I came to it."

What's life without risks?

The untold story
An evening in October '98
Got any big bucks?
Takes two to tango...
Full steam ahead
The countdown begins
The press go ga-ga
Last train to Chennai
A star is born!
The branding...
Three years after
Getting better all the time
More branding...


Balbir, Amrit, Deepak and Roshan

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