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Please, Please Me

I'm mighty pleased to be your host. My name is Buj and you're listening to 'Freestyle' on Radio Indigo." - Buj (Neil Mendens), Radio Jockey.

"This is the 'Weekend Classics' with me, Shibani, and I'm bringing you all the hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s. This is music that truly never dies and it's all here on Radio Indigo..." - Shibani Murlidhar, Radio Jockey

"Hi! I'm Anila Rathnam and you're tuned in to 'BPL Oye' only on Radio Indigo on the WorldSpace network. BPL Oye is brought to you by BPL Mobile, the No. 1 mobile service provider in India. This is a show where you can send in requests to all those special people in your lives..." - Anila Rathnam, Radio Jockey

Sit back, enjoy the scenery or simply 'Dream, Dream, Dream' as you transcend into a musical journey of your favorite numbers from the 70s, 80s, 90s and today. Whatever time you tune in, one of the 4 Radio Jockeys at Radio Jockey is grooving with you. With programs designed to perk up sagging or non-sagging spirits, the music is enthralling. You don't see the Radio Jockeys. They don't see you. You only hear them and yet, they reach out to you. Touch you. That's Attitude.

The 'feel factor' is grossly inadequate if a Software were to select and plays music. The human element comes in with improvisation. So, when Buj quotes extensively from Khalil Gibran

"...He alone is great
Who turns the voice of the wind
Into a song made sweeter
By his own loving..."

And then follows it up with a haunting number from a Pink Floyd album, your consciousness reverberates. Buj has made your day with some great music and at the same time has tweaked your heart and soul.

Buj is actually Neil Mendens. Now, why they call him 'Buj' is as mysterious to us as it is to him. Buj is an adventurer. He's worked in the Middle East stacking books in cartons, creative controller in an advertising agency, backpacked to Australia. "Byron Bay. It's like the Goa of India," he says with that gleam in his eye visualizing his past. But hey! Buj thrives on music and his adventurous spirit is a corollary of his attitude. "Free as a bird" you could say.

Hence, no surprise then that his program is called 'Freestyle'. "People always asked me what kind of music I liked. I always found it difficult to answer that question. Because I like all types of music," he explains. "So, I chose the name 'Freestyle' for my program." Which incidentally, is just great. By the way, the name 'Freestyle' has nothing to do with his Big, Burly and Wrestler-like exterior.

The trivia that one hears on Radio Indigo might sound a bit "Ump!" to the conservative. But listen closely. At times there's a bit of general knowledge you perhaps didn't know about. Like when Shibani comes up with this shocking revelation that chocolate is extremely poisonous for dogs. Okay, your dog loves chocolate candy, choc-o-bar ice creams or maybe hot chocolate with cereals for breakfast. Apparently, something in cocoa called 'Theobroma' could turn your mastiff into a stiff. Now, nine out of ten dog-lovers listening in would thank Shibani for that vital bit of trivia. But more than anything else she 'connects' with those listening in to her program.

"...The sun is up, the sky is blue
It's beautiful and so are you
Dear Prudence won't you come out to play...
" (The Beatles)

And how does Shibani feel? "It's great, you know. Before I go in (the recording room) I say to myself that I'm going to play some great music and have fun doing it." The RJs at Radio Indigo don't rehearse their programs hours before. Artificiality is avoided. So much so that even if a RJ fumbles on pronunciation it's left as it is. Because it's natural, that's why. The key word is to be unpretentious and "not make the job sound like a task." So, when Shibani presents her program and which is aimed primarily at an older college crowd, she's herself and that brings in the enthusiasm.

Anila Rathnam is 'drenched to the skin of her teeth' in music. She's the new kid on the block, though this attractive young lady can hardly be called a kid. Anila, like Shibani, is a student at Mount Carmel College and programs at Radio Indigo for two hours each day. Anila's attitude is "all-music". Don't look too far. She comes from a family that's also "all-music". In the late-60s/early-70s her father, 'Kittu' used to sing and play bass for a band called "The Silencers". And if anyone who grooved with The Silencers those days will know the music personae that Kittu was. Perfect. Like father, like daughter.

Anila programs for 2 hours each day and loves presenting the 'Request Show'. "The interaction with people I am talking to helps me in getting better," she says. Then there's the 'Music World Countdown' show she presents on Saturdays consisting of music hits from Top-Ten Albums. Both her programs involve a variety of music cutting across all barriers. Suits her just fine for she loves 'em all.

Check this out. When she gets her song list from Geoffrey, she researches the artists and hunts around for trivia. She never goes on the program and says things that aren't backed up. "If you're not sure, then don't say it."

That's attitude. Positive.

"...We'd live the life we choose
We'd fight and never lose..."
(Mary Hopkins)

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