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Whole Lot of Checking Going On

At Radio Indigo, program quality is paramount. Be it the presentation style, content, the trivia, CD check, et all. The program has to have a certain 'flow' and each aspect must synchronize well. Two youngsters play a crucial role at the station to ensure this happens.

yaniHer colleagues call her 'Yani'. No relation of the famous musician 'Yanni', whose name in any case is spelt with a double 'n'. Devayani was initially trained to be a programmer and now with the experience gained she's graduated into handling Production and Administration. This means researching and providing content for the RJs, issuing CDs based on Geoffrey's list, co-ordinating, scheduling programs, 'fill in' as RJ in the event of any one reporting sick or some such thing ("the show must go on"), liaison with the person at WorldSpace in Singapore. Most important of course is the quality check of CDs. She checks for errors "because sometimes the CDs 'skip' and if they are sent to Singapore in that condition then a whole hour is lost," says Yani.

Yani is a Psychology, Economics and Sociology student from well-known Mount Carmel College. And would you believe, that for one who didn't have this great 'josh' for music has learnt quite a bit at Radio Indigo? Besides music, she's into Yoga and has this life ambition to someday start a Yoga school of our own.

That's so long as Mr. Right doesn't come along by then.

Binoy Joseph double-checks CD quality and strictly speaking is the Studio Head. He's the one who does all that mixing and matching of music numbers, promos, trivia and ads, edits them into a program package that makes the station come alive. He also creates his own promos and is especially proud of the first one he made. It has 6 good songs playing back to back from an Elton John album, one song to another fading in and sounding pretty professional when played on the station.

He has a tremendous passion for music and much of his expertise has come in from initially hanging around at the station, picking up the rudiments to eventually land in this key role at Radio Indigo. At one time Binoy contemplated a stint at the School of Audio Engineering in Madras and in fact, actually paid his fees but didn't join the course. "I later realized that the school wasn't up to the mark and I'd be better off learning more hands-on," he says.

A debatable decision indeed, but Radio Indigo isn't complaining. Neither is Binoy.

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