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Great Performance, Geoffrey

Geoffrey"Geoffrey's Song List" is the DNA at Radio Indigo. His knowledge of music and experience of what the listener expects forms the basis of this thoughtfully complied list and handed over to the Radio Jockey. Naturally, there is background research, lots of homework in generating content and inputs from RJs as well to arrive at this "mix 'n' match." Elaborating he says, "It depends on the show. On an average 60-70% of the music played could be from the 70s, 80s and perhaps 10-15% would form music of the 90s and the rest totally new. In the case of a request show, the mix would be different and probably have more current hits."

As a youngster two things were close to his heart. One was sport. Cricket in particular. In fact, he once fancied himself as an international cricket commentator. "But then, things didn't happen because I never played international cricket," says Geoffrey Thomas. His second obsession was a mix of two halves - Radio and Music. "I was always a Radio buff. I liked the medium since it was something I grew up with," he adds. No regrets that he isn't commentating on cricket. Our man Geoffrey plays a different ball game. Music.

Geoffrey heads Content and Programming at Radio Indigo. He also doubles up as Radio Jockey. So, if you hear him say, "Welcome to Radio Indigo. My name is Geoffrey Thomas" don't be surprised. Geoffrey is a pretty versatile personality and despite his hectic schedule, finds time - two hours each day to be precise - to present his programme. His passion for sports hasn't gone on retirement. No wonder then his program is laced with sports trivia. As a matter of fact, this is one of Radio Indigo's specialties. Itsy-Bitsy Trivia squeezed in-between numbers brings in the "feel-good" factor to listeners tuned onto Radio Indigo.

What makes a good Radio Jockey? "Basically good knowledge of music and ability to speak fluent English and how they modulate, how they express their feelings," explains Geoffrey. And what's the kind of feedback they have of their programs? "Well, people have told us that the kind of music we play is very, very good. Which is what a radio station should be."

Hear Me! Feel Me!
Then There Was Music
Listen Up! The Radio's Back
On Top Of The World
Striking the Right Chord
Great Performance, Geoffrey!
Whole Lot of Checking Going On...
Please, Please Me
Hey Jude! Meet the Boss
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"...You are the sunshine of my life,
That's why I'll always stay around..." (Stevie Wonder)

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