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On Top Of The World

Just when you thought you've had enough, program host Shibani, one amongst the 4 Radio Jockeys (RJs) at Radio Indigo puts across this pure tone introduction

"You're with me for the next hour and I promise it's gonna rock. We're playing the best music of all time right here on Radio Indigo and I've got some other really cool stuff coming your way. So do stick around... and now, here's Marvin Gaye."

For the next one hour, Shibani promises just that as she leads you through a pot-pourri of pulsating music and there isn't a dull moment from then on.

If the advent of the Radio caused a global upsurge, then satellite radio must surely go down as the icing on the cake of broadcasting technology. Millions of radio stations sprang up across the globe and Radio Indigo in Bangalore's plush suburb of Indiranagar is as non-descript as most of them are. Located is a quiet, tree-lined street and if you were to ask anyone "Where's Radio Indigo?" you've got a blank stare glaring back. Yo! But inside that obscure little house there's hectic activity. A small team of youngsters, music oozing out of their ears carefully selects and programmes some of the best music "of the 70s, the 80s, the 90s and present day" and beam it across the globe via satellite. Catch it on your receivers and you are on Cloud Nine, Man!

Radio Indigo is perhaps the most popular of the 23 channels on the WorldSpace satellite network. For starters, the technology in use on this platform is digital, unlike FM Radio where the medium is analog. Secondly, Radio Indigo is beamed across the country and beyond through the WorldSpace network. Edging over FM, which tends to lean more on local-focus. Hocus Pocus?

Programming is the nerve center at Radio Indigo and extends over long hours - from 8 in the morning till 4 in the evening. Radio Indigo believes in reaching out to their listeners wherever they may be, with variable choices of high quality international music, 24-hours a day. The heartening fact is that WorldSpace acknowledges Radio Indigo as a 'driver channel' on the Indian sphere.

Hear Me! Feel Me!
Then There Was Music
Listen Up! The Radio's Back
On Top Of The World
Striking the Right Chord
Great Performance, Geoffrey!
Whole Lot of Checking Going On...
Please, Please Me
Hey Jude! Meet the Boss
Check out a Sampler Click Here


"There's only one wish on my mind,
When this day is through I hope I will find,
That tomorrow will be
just the same for you and me,
All I need will be mine if you are there..."
(The Carpenters)

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