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Long, long ago and never mind how long ago, one thing was certain - the radio didn't exist. But music did. And since time immemorial, music has permeated skin-deep and soul-stirred our lives. It isn't clear if history ever recorded wars fought, kingdoms lost or cyclonic storms caused by music and surely, the Titanic sank for other reasons. On the contrary, music did give peace every chance. Probably, when Mother Nature sat down to the grueling task of weaving her 'Life-On-Earth' tapestry, she ensured that every cross-stitch blended in harmony.

"...Then there was music
And wonderful roses
In sweet, fragrant meadows
Of dawn and dew…..."
(Paul McCartney, The Beatles)

Music existed for centuries. In the Middle Ages the music approved by the Church was known as the Gregorian Chant, compilation of this repertory is largely credited to Pope Gregory. Then came the Renaissance, the revival period of classical literature and artistic styles throughout Europe. This rise of humanism saw music break free from the confines of the clergy and composers mastered the art of polyphony in their settings of sacred music. Circa 1600-1750 is described as the Baroque period. Pride, pomp and pageantry flourished and so did music. Johann Sebastian Bach belonged to this era and was to make his mark as a great composer of that time, breaking musical ground and creating an entirely new style of music.

Music in the Classical period (1750 to 1820) witnessed the blossoming of the orchestral symphony adding a whole new dimension to music. Majestic symphonies, sonatas and string quartets brought about musical creativity by master composers from greats such as Hayden, Mozart and Beethoven. This was also a time when Vienna became the musical center of Europe and classics of this period came to be known as the Viennese style. The late 18th century came to be known as the Romantic era. Here was a time when composers deviated from the prevailing classical style to introduce a distinctive new style affected by various influences - romantic, emotional and clearly, very expressive

But it wasn't until the beginning of the 20th century that this art form's strokes got bolder, giving rise to a whole new generation of musicians, composers, performers and audiences. The enthusiasm was spontaneous and in the years that followed, music truly and surely wafted melodiously into a transformed world. And so, when Mother Nature decreed that music ought to remain a joy forever, Mankind agreed.

Hear Me! Feel Me!
Then There Was Music
Listen Up! The Radio's Back
On Top Of The World
Striking the Right Chord
Great Performance, Geoffrey!
Whole Lot of Checking Going On...
Please, Please Me
Hey Jude! Meet the Boss
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"When things go wrong
Man ain't got a friend
Without a song!"
(Frank Sinatra)

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