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The Minstrel in the Gallery

Deepak SapraIf you consider yourself an expert in finding needles in haystacks, try dropping one in Deepak Sapra's room and we challenge you to find it. One of two things will happen. Either your quest will end in defeat or you'll end up getting lost yourself. Chances of the later happening seem more likely. Deepak's room is a "testing ground for wannabe mountaineers." There's heaps of everything, everywhere.

War-struck room conditions apart, Deepak Sapra is pretty much focused on his career. Schooled in Kanpur and Calcutta, he ended up at The Railway Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, on completion of which, Deepak automatically got absorbed as a Class One Gazetted Officer in the Indian Railways.

He worked for three years, traveled across the country (kind courtesy rail travel passes available in abundance) and decided that he now needs to look at global travel, but then, Indian Railways "stop in their tracks" and don't extend beyond Indian soil. He focused on IIM and as he says, "I'm here to achieve my objective of going around the world."

He's not talking about being a traveler. He explains his concept, "Going around the world is not the Be-All, End-All. I want to do something which makes a difference to the world, to people who are not all that privileged. I'm not looking for something in Comfort Zone. I'm looking to slog it out. "If there's the slightest of hints that he plans to work abroad, you've got it all wrong. "I think there's a lot of scope for people to work in India and not abroad. Broadly speaking, I'm keen to do something in the Social sector or development, something like that."

The philosophical side of him shows up as he emphasizes, "I'm sure about the organisations I don't want to work for. I'm certainly not going to sell soap. Neither am I interested in Finance or Retail Banking. I feel that most of these organizations are in the business of making rich people richer and no way add value to society." That's a tough ask. But then, since he plans to specialize in Strategy perhaps, he'll evolve something suitable along the way. One thing is certain, he'll work abroad only for organizations like the UN, World Bank, Asian Development Bank who are committed to serve society.

His boisterousness is natural. Some dislike his mischievous ways; others adore his zest for life. Like he says, "I'm a natural, normal person." We don't doubt it.
Now, about that room of his...

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