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Youth comes once in a lifetime

Class of 2002

The joys of youthMonotonous study routines often bring back memories of school. Remember those bloated school bags, dreary homework, teacher's glaring looks and the occasional stick on the knuckles? Ugh! But then, who can forget the fun, mischief and pranks, traits that actually never go away?

The first year at IIM-B is punishing. It really takes you apart. In the second year? That's when you're actually "singing in the rain". But for sprinklings of snobbery, life at IIM-B is great fun. Everyone has a ball. And in all this, the larger purpose is never forgotten - the career path. "To each his own" is the mantra at IIM-B.

Interestingly, many students have entrepreneurship is mind. For example, both Ravi and Sandhya have set their goal in that direction, independently, of course. Ravi hails from Bombay and expects to do a stint in an organization to gain experience. Ditto with Sandhya, who lived in the US for three years with her husband, a software engineer. She chose to get an MBA and then plot her career path.

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