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My, My! What a place to be in

A rigorous admission process ensures selection of the best talent at all IIMs. For many, the preferred destination is IIM, Bangalore. The city's climate isn't a 'claim-to-fame' anymore. On the contrary, Bangalore's climate is breeding ground for laid-backs. So, what's on offer at IIM-B that draws students here like bees to a honey pot? Many factors.

Numero Uno being a state-of-the-art computing network comparable to some of the best institutions in the world and certainly the best amongst other B-schools in the country. Over 300 PCs connected to world-class servers and a campus wide network with Internet access, links the resources in the faculty offices, student labs, administration blocks, student hostels and the management development center. The network infrastructure is provided by a fibre optic backbone.

LibraryIntegrated to this are other facilities available including the best of hardware and software, a multimedia laboratory and all classrooms equipped with hi-tech instructional aids and projection systems

The library is one of the finest, too. Hundreds of thousands of books, journals, magazines and CD-ROMs are housed in the 4-floor library and which is generally open 24-hours. In addition, students have access to a vast amount of information on computer databases and the library catalogues can be accessed from anywhere in the campus through the institutes LAN network. Now, that's the real "Bangalore climate" - in India's Silicon Valley.

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My, My! What a place to be in
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