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Wading in Troubled Waters

IIM-B wasn't gilt-edged at start up way back in 1973. Much murky waters had flowed in the past and as Professor of Marketing Mithileshwar Jha says, "This place was in a mess." Apparently, when on a visit in 1989 a friend suggested why not he join here as a faculty since IIM-B was on the look out for people. Professor Jha retorted back at this outrageous suggestion, "I thought you were a friend?" Professor S. Krishna, who is the Chairperson of the highly successful Software Enterprise Management programme, expressed similar sentiments. "I wanted to shift here around 1984, but IIM-B was in turmoil," he says.

The inescapable fact was that there being no Director at the helm of affairs and with a labour problem adding to its woes; IIM-B wasn't the best of place to be in. However, both, Prof. Jha and Prof. Krishna are of the view that the earlier Director Professor K.R.S. Murthy did a tremendous job in transforming IIM-B. He played a crucial role to get this place out of the dump.

In fact, IIM-B actually functioned out of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) campus till 1983 when Phase 1 of this campus was completed. Those were turbulent years but then, time healed many wounds and the transition resulted in a firm head on IIM-B's sagging shoulders. It was now time to move on with the business on hand.

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