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Enriched Environment

Enriched EnvironmentAmongst the 6 IIMs in India, IIM-Bangalore has made an intelligible mark. Founded in 1973, its mission was 'to serve the needs of business and society through a stream of professional and value oriented programmes and activities'. An innovative curriculum, motivated students and a faculty comprising of acclaimed individuals make IIM-B as a leader in the field of management education.

Its 100-acre campus is sheer magnificence. Spread across 54,000 square metres of built up space, the IIM-B architecture blends with the salubrious climate of the garden city, though the 'garden' part of the city may have been trimmed considerably over the years.

The landscape within the campus threads across its vast expanse and is reminiscent of courtyards of a Mughal garden. The presence of the buildings is felt very strongly. There is this feeling of connectedness with its long, open corridors, the pergolas, the high columns holding up heavy stone and concrete, natural light percolating in with all its grace, generating a dialogue with peace and tranquility.

Not to mention a generous dose of fun and laughter in the air.

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Enriched Environment
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Enriched Environment

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