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Imagine All those People

Yes! Just for a moment imagine tens of thousands of such schools all across the country, each having the benevolence of a company like MindTree. Imagine each village with Parent-Teacher and Youth Associations having courage in their own convictions. Imagine dedicated Head Masters and Teachers with a vision and willing to give it their all. Imagine children not bogged down with the "Class Eight" syndrome and striving hard to fulfill their dreams of becoming doctors, engineers, and lawyers, whatever.

Imagine, what a wonderful world it would be!

Back to School
Country Road, Take Me Home...
The Panchayat Middle School
So near and yet, so very far
No Money, Honey
As dreams fade away...
Wannabe Doctor
The "Teacher's Colony"
Give us this day our daily bread...
The "Tuck Shop"
Murugan "The Messiah"
A Stitch in Time
Band of Brothers
MGR Nutritious Meal Scheme
Help us if you can
The Magic called "Moses"
Imagine All those People
The "School Needs" List
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