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The Magic called Moses

MosesAs natural as beads of morning strung to slender blades of grass is Abraham Moses (of MindTree fame). Spreading joy and radiance wherever he goes. There he was. Under the shade of the tree, on a wobble-looking chair, surrounded by village folk listening in rapt attention. Moses wasn't presenting a paper at a "Seminar on Sermon-ology" and neither was the ambience 5-star, with a lavish buffet comprising of yesterday's leftovers waiting to be consumed - mid-day meals for Pseudos.

Moses is the key link between MindTree and Somanahalli. "If I can make it so can you," we heard Moses say. And Moses ought to know a thing or two about life on a shoestring. He shares his experiences to motivate these villagers. "All is not lost," he tells them.

And here's what one of the villagers said to us, "If MindTree has planted the first seeds towards adoption of the school, then Moses is just the person to nurture its growth.

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