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In February 2001, an ordinary looking envelope found its way into MindTree Consulting's Corporate Office, in Banashankari. There was a letter inside. Neatly drafted and presented, it was signed by K. Rathinam, the Head Master of Panchayat Middle School, Somanahalli and K. Perumal, President of the Parent-Teacher Association. It was a longish sort of letter but the message was simple - "Help!"

MindTree was quick to react. A delegation drove down to Somanahalli to check out the school. More delegations went. And more. They liked what they saw. There was ample evidence of hardship but the village elders showed tremendous vigour towards education. The interest and involvement of the Parent-Teacher Association, the unflinching dedication of the kids, a committed Head Master who despite many odds continues to show immense interest in providing quality education and above all, the warmth of the village folk.

The authenticity of the whole idea was in sync with MindTree's DNA of Imagination, Action and Joy. Then of course, there was the MindTree Foundation Charter built around their vision that reads, "We'll give a significant portion of our Profit After Tax to support Primary Education."

"Go For It" - were the words that echoed at MindTree. To cut a long story short, MindTree's contribution to the Panchayat Middle School stands tall and proud - a school block.

An apt symbol that there's hope, yet!

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