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Abraham Moses
The Office

One Commandment was justification enough...

Leadership in organizations has always been an important area of discussion and enquiry, not to mention critical reflection. But when hierarchy becomes the major cause of stress and in turn leads to job-dissatisfaction, that's when leadership is taken to the cleaners. The non-existence of hierarchy is perhaps, one major reason for the family-like environment at MindTree - the People's Company.

Moses was the leader of deliverance of Hebrew slaves from Egypt when God revealed himself and handed over the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai. "My parents were spiritual people. They wanted me to be like the Biblical Moses and lead the people," says Abraham Moses Bhakthakumar. Seventeen years ago he ran into Subroto Bagchi at Wipro. August 1st, 1999 was a Sunday and he was asking 'elder brother' Subroto as to when he should join MindTree. "He told me that for my function I should join on a Sunday. But I said I had to go to church. He told me to go to church, seek Blessings from the Lord and come over and report to him," says Abraham Moses, the recipient of divine revelation from his mentor.

Technically speaking, Abraham Moses isn't a co-founder; he is MindTree's "Mr. Fixit". He heads the administration and facilities function that could include creating a facility, maintenance, housekeeping or taking care of employee welfare. "When people join our company we assure them of all help. Be it from settling down in the city, assistance in finding accommodation, arranging to have their driving license transferred or whatever. "In case they fall sick or involved in an accident, we are there to lend a helping hand," explains Moses proudly, underlining his company's philosophy and emphasizes "as a company we believe that our employees are an asset."

"When Subroto asked me to join this company, I didn't know whether it was a beedi company or a hotel or a software industry. I never asked what would be the remuneration and things like that. I just went," he says. Despite family pressures to rethink his decision, he went all the way. This man's dictionary doesn't contain dirty words like "It's impossible".

Moses will bend backwards without as much as bat an eyelid. Why? "This Company thinks about society. It thinks about the poor people. It respects people. Society will benefit if this company grows." So, he conducts a special mass in church and tells the priest, "Pray for my company. All good people work there. They are my family. Please pray for them".

Moses may well have inspired Simon and Garfunkel's famous song 'Bridge over Troubled Waters'.

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