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Ashok Soota and Subroto Bagchi with Chetan


Interiors at MindTree

... and a creative explosion...

Promising developments makes the mind think well, with speed, even as you take a certain dog named Cyber for a morning walk. While Cyber sniffed around, the idea of asking the children of the Spastic Society of Karnataka to design their visual identity sent "440 volts went down my spine" says Subroto.

The Spastic school in Indiranagar houses children who suffer from cerebral palsy, a non-progressive disorder of the brain that occurs in infancy or early childhood, causing weakness, paralysis and lack of co-ordination. Children afflicted with this disease besides having speech and hearing impairments have primarily limb co-ordination problems and are mostly confined to a wheel chair.

Therefore, to ask them and not the best ad agency to create a visual identity would have sounded as 'utter rubbish'. Made no sense in putting social responsibilities ahead of business objectives? So, the ordinary would have thought.

MindTree was all about 'challenge' and hence, different from the 'most'. There was this restless urge that they should create their enterprise with people who deeply believed in the human spirit that must overcome every odd. Subroto and team were convinced that these children "had brave, creative minds and some of them extremely gifted artists." Their spirits needed no crutches.

"We conducted a workshop for about two hours and explained to them what a logo is," says Prasad, Head - People Function, re-living the day they 'briefed' the children at the Spastic school. A week later they presented what they had done, but none really came through. Prasad went back that afternoon to collect more visuals and someone said that a boy called Chetan had done something. He did not draw a tree like the others had done. On a white sheet of paper, there was this upward stroke and some bubbles around. K.S. Chetan (then 17 years old) explained that the bold, upward blue stroke represented unlimited imagination; the yellow bubbles signified joy and the red background stood for action. One look and Prasad knew this was it. He rushed to meet 'master craftsman' Subroto, masterpiece in hand. The result? They'd just got themselves what one may call 'a most powerful visual identity in recent times'.

Prasad still can't get over it. When asked what is the best thing about MindTree he'd like to remember, his response was "the Logo".

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