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In the 'Driver's Seat' is the DNA…

What really drives MindTree is their 'DNA' - Imagination, Action and Joy. The concept and how it came about to be is best narrated by co-founder Parthasarthy (Partha), one of those present at that 'sort of brain-storming session when people threw up different ideas' prior to MindTree being born.

"Actually it happened over a period of time. The guiding principle was that the world did not need another software company. So, if we had to start a company it had to be different. There had to be traction with the employees, with customers and with our partners. Innovation? Yes, but then the word 'Innovation' implied sitting in one corner and doing research. So we decided that instead of using the word 'Innovation', we'd call it 'Imagination'. Be imaginative in everything that do."

The idea was extended further to include the word 'Action'. Says Partha, "Being just imaginative would amount to our becoming 'armchair thinkers'. We needed to have action-orientation so that people would be willing to take that forward. Finally, the word 'Joy' was very clear. They should enjoy what they are doing."

In medical terminology, "DNA is the molecule of heredity and by knowing it's structure, scientists can see exactly how forms of life are transmitted from one generation to the next."

In pure layman language it meant that the 'recipe' was ready and just needed a sprinkling of creativity to bring out the desired 'flavor'.

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