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Ashok Soota

"The Personalities of entrepreneurs influence the success of the organizations they found"...

The 'Who's who' of MindTree made big news and the industry took note. The names on that list had credentials you couldn't punch holes into. Years of experience, equally matched with sheer intelligence spoke volumes on their capabilities. Would they share the value system? Would these 'minds meet' coming as they did from various backgrounds? One consolation was that many of them had worked together at some point of time. That seemed a good enough start.

Ashok Soota's decision to quit Wipro made headlines. If Wipro is a global name today, it's largely due to his efforts. Highly regarded and respected, his personality, his managerial capability and his way with people made him an icon of the IT industry.

The news was certainly a bolt from the blue for Wipro, but 'Manna from Heaven' for Subroto and KK who had their antennas up. There was a reason too. Both had worked with Ashok Soota and knew his strengths. Where could they find a better 'Head Master' for a knowledge company in the making? The thought echoed in their minds. Yet, they were aware it wasn't going to be a cakewalk to 'net' him. But, 'with a little help from friends' Venture Capitalists Som Das and Sudhir Sethi and the fact that their synergies of thought were on ground reality, they had found themselves a Chairman of an 'unnamed' company.

The charisma of his leadership is best described by Rostow Ravanan, one of the founders, "When Ashok stands up in front of the company and says that this is the achievement of last year and this is our plan and strategy for next year to take the company forward, the entire organization draws its objectives from his objectives. If one has to have unity of vision then the leader has to take that step." Undoubtedly, Ashok Soota's accession onboard was the silver lining.

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