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At the Launch. Inset- Kamran Ozair (top left) and Jani (bottom left)

Subroto Bagchi woke one morning to a dream. Not the kind that rattles one out of bed, but close enough. He had this bee in his bonnet to start a 'knowledge company'. The only problem was, that at that time the jigsaw puzzle had just one piece in it. Himself. Elsewhere, hundreds of start-ups were multiplying but Subroto's dream company extended far beyond being minnows.

Subroto Bagchi, At the LaunchThe skeleton sketch in his mind needed solid meat and he needed it like yesterday. He wasted no time in calling dear friend KK (Krishna Kumar) with whom he had developed a strong bond over the years. They met for lunch. Subroto bared his soul. KK listened and let it mull over. The idea sounded good, in fact got better as Subroto led him through the nitty-gritty. Then came the clincher. KK was convinced. They decided to join hands and 'sculpt the future'.

Subroto and KK worked relentlessly in a shroud of secrecy, picking up leads in search of those 'missing pieces'. The entire drama was packed with all the ingredients that go into the making of a thriller. Thirteen months later, the jigsaw puzzle was complete, 'snug-fit' with nine pieces. It was a perfect match. Subroto's dream of that 'one morning' had been realized.

On 18th August 1999, "MindTree Consulting" was born.

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