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MindTree Minds at work
Taking a break

The MindTree Founders
  1. Ashok Soota, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
  2. Subroto Bagchi, Vice Chairman and President, Americas
  3. N. Krishna Kumar, Vice Chairman and President, Europe & Asia
  4. S. Janakiraman, President - Technology Business
  5. Anjan Lahiri, Senior Vice-President - Delivery and Operations
  6. Kalyan Banerjee, Vice-President - Development
  7. Kamran Ozair, Senior Vice-President, Wireless Practice and Chief Technology Officer
  8. Scott D. Staples, Senior Vice-President, Sales & Marketing
  9. Rostow Ravanan, Head - Finance Industry Practice
  10. N.S. Parthasarthy, Vice-President, Engineering

Meet some of the MindTree minds...

 Vinod Deshmukh (Senior Vice President)
 S.N. Padmanabhan (Vice President - IC Designs)
 Babuji Abraham (Associate Director)
 Nitin Shinde (Analyst - Business Planning)
 Anshuman Singh (User Experience Lead)
 Prashanth Mehra (Associate Consultant)
 Ducks and Drakes...
 Jayesh Chakravarthi (Vice President & Head - India Business)
 Vishweshwar Hegde (Associate Director - Quality)
 Harsha Mandannavar (Business Development)
 Gaurav Shah (Associate Director)
 G. Ramaswamy (Director - Marketing & Alliances)

The MindTree Mission
"Deliver business-enabling solutions and technologies by creating partnerships with our customers in a joyous environment for our people."

After determining why we would exist as an organization, we plotted a course to guide us to achieve our mission. This activity involved the creation of visions for our organization. Our belief in having items that are time bound and measurable will enable us to truly succeed as an organization.

The MindTree Vision for the Year 2005
  • To achieve $ 231 million in revenue
  • To be among the top 10% in our business, in terms of profit after tax (PAT) and return on investment (ROI)
  • To be one of the top 20 globally admired companies in our industry
  • To give a significant portion of our PAT to support primary education
Finally, we chose to diversify ourselves, not only by our culture, but also by our people. This came from our years of experiences in working for other companies. Our management team set out to create a truly unique environment. We pride ourselves on the cultural diversity that populates the halls of MindTree Consulting. This can be further expressed through the statement of our five core values that will guide us as we continue to build our organization as a multicultural environment.
The MindTree Values: Helping us strive to be a CLASS apart
The Founders
  • Caring
  • Learning
  • Achieving
  • Sharing
  • Social Responsibility

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