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MindTree House 4 - coming up

MindTree HouseLet's plot the MindTree route. Select your thumbtacks from a choice of Red, Blue, and Yellow colours and let's see what we have.

From the 'windmills of our mind' to a shoebox office at Raheja Chambers and then to 33,000 sq.ft. at "MindTree House 1' in Basavangudi. By end-2000, saw MindTree occupy 6 floors and 50,000 sq.ft. in 'MindTree House 3' at Banashankari, with an imposing view of the Venkateshwara temple easily identified by its towering gopuram and best seen from Ashok Soota's room. When MindTree House 4 comes up next door soon, one will hear the 'oohs' the 'aahs' and perhaps, even 'Wah! Taj'! This new facility nearing completion will house 800-1000 new members to the MindTree family on a sprawling 8-floor building of 155,000 sq.ft.

Krishna Kumar (KK), a key architect in the founding of MindTree and earlier based in MindTree House 2 at New Jersey, USA says, "The whole process of establishing the US operations was pretty interesting. Starting from a small office (1000sq.ft) in New Jersey we have just moved to a larger office (11,000 sq.ft.) in nearby Somerset. On the West Coast, we operate from Santa Clara and sometime this year we'll set up operations in Chicago and Dallas. We'll then become a totally geographic player in the US."

Krishna KumarIn 18-19 months, MindTree have been able to establish a strong presence in the US and says KK, "In that context, we are fortunate to have with us four senior co-founders based in the US." They comprise of the inimitable Subroto Bagchi, Scott Staples, Anjan Lahiri and Kamran Ozair.

But there's more. More 'geographies' that is. Already open are offices in Singapore and Europe and shortly Japan, perhaps? Then there's now a new thrust on what they refer to as 'India Business' and offices have already come up in Mumbai and Delhi. Way to go, MindTree!

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