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Silicon Valley vs Silicon Valley
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THE Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is really a valley nestled between the Diablo and Santa Cruz Mountain Ranges. It's also the birthplace of the Silicon chip. Don Hoefler, a journalist made first mention of the phrase "Silicon Valley" in an article he wrote for Electronic News way back in 1971. The name stuck. San Jose in Northern California and a 30-mile radius around it with large concentration of high-tech companies scattered in cities like Santa Clara, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Saratoga and others forms the nucleus of Silicon Valley. It is roughly 50 miles south of San Francisco near its southern tip popularly know as the "Bay Area".

The city of San Jose remains the hub of Silicon Valley and was California's first civilian settlement when it was founded in 1777. Later, on March 27, 1850 San Jose was incorporated as California's first city. Until the middle of the century, Silicon Valley was an agriculturally rich region, famous for its apricots and walnuts. The predominant industry at the end of World War II was small-scale food processing and distribution.

Today, San Jose is a bustling metropolitan area spread across 176.6 square miles with an ethnically diverse population of over 900,000 speaking more than 46 different languages between them. It's also the third largest city in California and the eleventh largest in the United States. The city operates under a council-manager form of government and the City Council consists of ten council members elected by the Council District headed by a Mayor.

Silicon Valley is a well-connected community and San Jose has been rated by Fortune Magazine as the second best city for business in the United States. Naturally. With over 6000 high tech companies in the area, an economy that's forever booming, what with start-ups and spin-offs perpetually happening, Silicon Valley is the best business address on the global map. If the presence of such names like IBM, Intel, Yahoo, Apple, Netscape, Sun, Sony, Cisco, Microsoft doesn't sound big enough then tell us another.

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