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Silicon Valley vs Silicon Valley
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Bangalore Forward...

Human neglect is the main cause of Bangalore's deterioration despite the tireless efforts of many Bangaloreans who did much to restore lost values. Nevertheless, public awareness remained poor. Who cares? So long as life goes on never mind if somebody gets bumped off in the bargain. That's the Bangaloreans fait accompli?

Bangalore 2004?In October of last year, a new government took charge and they promised that by the year 2004, Bangalore would shape up to be a Singapore-like city. The new Chief Minister set up a task force to take Bangalore Forward and inducted prominent citizens on various panels. The entire exercise began on a fairly serious note and the Bangalore Agenda was made transparent to the citizens. The message was clear - Bangalore will be cleaned up. A real tough ask, that. But at least someone is doing something to restore the balance. And yet, there's a long, long grind ahead.

Singapore-like city or not, it certainly needs to get better than what it is today. With the international status that it has, the least one expects is a cleaner and safer life. Being Hi-Tech isn't enough. It must be clearly understood that the Software industry has stood on its own feet in the past and most certainly can survive on its own. The government initiatives should focus on improving infrastructure and not patting themselves on their backs for achieving software export targets. Unfair to pluck that feather out of the IT industry's cap.

California's Silicon Valley has often been called "Hi-Tech Heaven". Bangalore too is Hi-Tech, but for a slight difference - there isn't any "Heaven" around here.

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