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Huge Christmas tree at Disneyland

Some Travel Tips

A lot of people visit Paris especially after March that is in summer. Hence it is better to get your hotel bookings confirmed in advance. The currency is French Francs and one can get a decent accommodation for about 350 FRF.

The best way to travel is by the metro and bus. You can buy a one-day ticket that lets you travel any number of times by bus and trains. Beware of pick-pockets in trains. You can get the city plan and the metro plan from the hotel desk. People mostly speak French. When in France try the bejoulais - the new wine and also some good (expensive) old wine like the St.Emilion

If you happen to go to Disney Land, check the weather forecast because Disney Land in rain or snow is not worth it. Also, carry lots of food to eat so that you don't waste time waiting in queues in the restaurants (we spent at least an hour and a half waiting to get to the counter in one of the restaurants.) If you plan to go to the Palace of Versailles, note that it is closed on Mondays.

Paris - The fashion Capital

Entrance to Disneyland, ParisEnter Paris - the land of fashion and style. I have always wondered about the beauty of this land because it is so unique and stylish. Paris has got character and you would want to linger in this city as long as possible. No wonder people here claim to be Parisian and not exactly French though to us they are all the same. Reaching Paris is no difficulty. There is a good network of Railways and roadways not to mention the airways to get to this place. As you drive from Charles De Gaulle airport (CDG) you will see some strong over-bridges. Watch them carefully for they are the runways for flights to land and take off!

Anybody in Paris will first want to see the Eiffel Tower. So be it. But first to get to the Eiffel, you can take the Metro - the ideal way to travel in Paris. Don't drive because it is just crazy. As you stand in front of Eiffel you may become a poet for that is what it is - a Masterpiece. If you see Eiffel during the daytime you will wonder if it is rusted for it is a brown structure, but it is magic to see it in the night. So, be there in the morning to go up the tower and in the evening to see its sheer splendor. On a clear day, you can get a good view of the city from this tower. This tower built by Eiffel himself for an exhibition was to be dismantled later. However, it proved to be a big hit and it stands till date in all its glory. The extreme top of the tower sways slightly on a windy day. Also, as you go up the various levels, pictures and write-ups tell you the tale of the building of Eiffel Tower.

Beside the tower is the Seine River. Walking on the banks of this river is a good experience. Here you will find many artists giving shape to their art. You can get your portrait or pencil sketch in a few minutes and they are very good. You can also take a cruise in the river, which will take you through the city. This cruise is available even at mid night. During the cruise you will get to see many attractions like the Louvre Museum, Notre Dame and also numerous beautiful bridges built across the river during various times.

The next attraction is the street of Champs-Elysees. It is one of the most glamorous high streets in the world that conjures up the feeling of fashion in you. It extends from the Arc De Triomphe (the arch of Triumph) to the Concorde. The Arc De Triomphe itself is special because it stands in the middle of a circle where twelve roads meet! You can see vehicles moving in total confusion and sometimes see even people manage to cross! Infact, you can go up this Arch and get an aerial view of the stylish street of Champs-Elysees. This street is packed with restaurants, discotheques, shopping malls and cinema halls. Above all, you can see the famous perfume shop "Sephora". I don't know if people buy here because it is expensive but definitely everybody visits this place. The shop is open till midnight only but the street never sleeps.

Next, you can visit the Louvre Museum. The metro stops right below the museum. There are many museums in this city but Louvre is the most famous and the biggest. One can spend three days easily. The museum is divided into 3 sections - Sully, Denon and Richelien and each of these sections has three floors! Sometimes, it gets tiring when you just want to see the main attractions. So, you can pick up the plan from the information counter, which lists the high lights of each part of the museum and get going. Apart from the Mona Lisa, there are some remarkable paintings of Da Vinci and Vincent Van Gogh. There are also some beautiful sculptures. There is also this new Egyptian quarter where you can see the Sphinx and some sculptures. The Venus De Milo - one of the precious exhibits is a must see. This piece representing the goddess of love was rediscovered in Greece. Another museum worth visiting is Musee D'Orsay where there are more paintings.

There is also Grand Arche in the "La Defense" section of Paris. This is a beautiful place with the most modern but beautiful buildings and parks and fountains. Remarkable for a business center. However, once on the top of the Grand Arch, you can see a big straight line - the Grand Arch, the Arc De Troimphe and the Concorde in one single line.

Notre Dame and Montmarte Sacre Coeur church - The two famous cathedrals in Paris. Notre Dame is a beautiful gothic structure. The Sacre Coeur is situated on a hillock and you have to walk up. This remarkable structure is in complete white and it sort of reminds you of Taj Mahal because of the colour and style. This is a must-see church for it is extra-ordinary

Various rides at DisneylandIf that is not all about Paris then about a few kilometers from the city is the Disney Land. The best way to get here is again by the metro. Disney Land is crowded during the weekends. Hence be sure to get there early, else you will spend a lot of time in queues (right from the ticket counters) rather than enjoy the attractions. There are certain tickets that let you enter the park for 2 consecutive days and you need time too because it is a huge park. People of any age can go there because there is something in store for every body. In fact, there is also a Disney village, which has a whole variety of restaurants, shops and hotels. This is just outside the park. Once you enter the park, you want to explore everything. There are many stage shows where Mickey and his pals dance and sing. You can also meet Disney characters and take pictures with them. There is the adventure land with numerous roller-coaster rides, fantasy land with some breath taking shows and scary land with creepy trips and tricks. If that's not all there is the Disney Parade at different times which is extravagant. The best parade is at the end of the day with beautiful lighting and excellent music and dances.

Once in Paris, you don't want to miss the Palace of Versailles. Versailles is the name of a small town in the suburbs of Paris. This is about an hour's drive from Paris. The palace is famous for its Hall of Mirrors and indeed the hall is full of mirrors and there are no walls. It was here that the treaty of Versailles was signed which ended World War I. The mirrors today on the walls are not the originals. Around this huge, magnificent palace is a beautiful garden and you will feel quite nice as you take a walk in these gardens.

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