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A nightmare returns to haunt Koramangala's ST Bed Layout


Bengaluru: The massive stormwater drain that runs through ST Bed Layout of Koramanagala is choked, giving sleepless nights to the residents, who fear flooding in case of heavy rains.

Way back in 2001, a heavy downpour one night flooded the entire locality. Knee-deep filthy water entered houses, damaged walls, furtniture, and cost a pile for the residents. That was a nightmarish experience ST Bed resident won't forget.

Garbage has choked the stormwater drain, with the BBMP officials ignoring repeated and desperate pleas from the residents to check dumping of refuse in the stormwater drain that discharges into Bellandur Lake.

The result is that the stormwater drain has become a massive source of stench and a breeding place for mosquitoes and flies, causing serious health problems for the residents.

The storm water drain that starts from Neelasandra, snakes its way through Koramangala regional passport office, Ashwini Layout, ST Bed Layout, Jakkasandra and connects to Bellandur Lake has huge piles of garbage containing plastic bags, glass, leftover food etc.

The increasing froth in Bellandur Lake is all due to the inflow of sewage from different storm water drains and toxic untreated chemicals into the lake. The horrible state of Bellandur lake has led to serious health hazards in the area, forcing many to shift out and fall in property prices.

Rajendra Babu, president, Kormangala ST Bed Layout Residents' Welfare Association said: "The conservancy workers, juice shop owners and fish storage shops have been dumping the garbage in the storm water drain for more than 15 days. Today, someone set fire to the garbage dumped in the storm water drain."

R Prasad, a resident of ST Bed Layout, said: "Earlier we had to breathe in bad odour emanating from the SWD, but now due to the dumping of garbage into the drain, sewage water has become stagnant. This has lead to increase in the number of mosquitoes and flies. I was hopsitalised due to mosquito bite last week and my grandchildren are also suffering from cough."

The residents said informed the BBMP stormwater drain officials, but there was no response. "Recently, we also met Ramlinga Reddy, Minister for Transport and appealed him to get the storm water drain cleaned as it gets choked every time, endangering our health"said Rajendra.

Speaking to Bfirst.in, Ramlinga Reddy, State Tranpsort Minister said: "The State Government allotted Rs 25 crores for the development of the Storm Water Drains that starts from the Regional Passport office and National Games Villages till Jakksandra. The silt will be removed and concrete walls measuring 10 to 15 feet height will be built on either sides of the drain. We will also ask the authorities to cover the drain with a mesh. People should also understand that they should no dump garbage inside the drain. Simply blaming palike or any officials will not help."

H Prakash, Executive Engineer, Storm Water Drain, Koramangala Sub-Division, said they were aware of the issue.

"Koramangala houses many business complexes and even meat and juice shop keepers come and dump huge bags of waste in the SWD. We have warned such shop owners. But we are not aware of who set the fire today in the storm water drain."

Name:Rashmi Patil
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